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August 29, 2017

Launch of Leap Forward offers New Services for Websites

Launch of Leap Forward offers New Services for Websites


Senthil Srinivasan, owner and creator of DeafandHoH.com, recently expanded his business with
the launch of LeapForwardWeb.com. This new domain offers web design, graphic design, and
search engine optimization marketing options specifically for deaf and hard of hearing viewers.
Crafted for small businesses, Leap Forward is providing more than the essentials for heath care

DeafandHoH.com hosts a nationwide directory with hundreds of listings around the country.
Srinivasan has built a primary resource for all deaf and hard of hearing people to utilize. With
banner advertising and featured listings now available, health care professionals have a place to
effectively reach their audience.

The hearing loss community utilizes the website for audiologist, school, and speech language
pathologist directories nationwide. Currently, DeafandHoH.com has 2,237 members and in
January 2016, it received over 8,000 site views. With a growing amount of members visiting the
site for featured blogs, news and forums created for this specific community, advertisements are
utilized as a key resource.

Advertisements range from $25 to $45 a month, with five different spacing and pricing options.
These customizable promotions are on located on different areas of various pages and are
strategically placed for heavy consumer traffic. Featured listings only cost $15 a month and are
featured at the top of our directory pages.

Founded in 2008 by Senthil Srinivasan, DeafandHoH.com’s mission has been to empower the
hearing loss community by promoting confident social interaction and open communication.
Years later, Senthil has achieved his dream. He wants businesses, audiologist, speech pathologists
and the hearing loss community to benefit from the features of his website.


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