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December 15, 2015

What is our Web Design Philosophy?

What is our Web Design Philosophy?


Here at Leap Forward, we believe in the following principles that enable us to provide you with the best results as we develop a website for your business:

Customer Service: Customer service seems to be lacking among other companies these days, but Leap Forward believes it is one of the most—if not the most—important aspects of doing business.  Strong communication builds trust, which is necessary for a productive client-designer relationship.

Navigation: Your website’s navigation should be clear, easy to follow, and offer your visitors an accurate indication of what you have to offer.  We’ll make sure to point your visitors in the right direction as quickly as possible, since we know there are other competing websites for them to choose from.

Design: Your site’s design must cater to your target customers. Leap Forward makes sure to learn all about your company, your clients, your goals and objectives, and how you stand out from your competitors before beginning the design stage.  The design needs to clearly identify what your company has to offer and show your visitors why they should choose you.  We will take these factors into account to create a unique and original design that stands out from the others.

Visual Flow: The graphics and content of your site should easily guide visitors through the information on your website.  We at Leap Forward understand how potential customers view and interact with websites, and we will make certain your website directs visitors where you want them to go.

Color Usage: On a website, all colors convey different meanings.  They can be used to set a certain mood and accentuate visual art.  At Leap Forward, we are experts at working with color and fine-tuning combinations that complement each other to effectively express the appropriate message for your industry and customer type.

Consistency: Leap Forward uses consistent design elements. Although different designs can be created for different pages, keeping certain elements consistent is crucial to visitors becoming familiar with and remembering your site.  For example, it’s important to keep navigation the same on all the pages. Using methods like that to maintain consistency helps visitors to quickly move around and interact with your site with ease.

Browser Compatibility: Leap Forward tests web pages in different browsers and screen resolutions to ensure the website’s format will be consistent and reliable, regardless of the user’s computer, browser type, and screen resolution, or even if they’re using a cell phone or tablet.


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